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People think 20/20 is enough. But many people with 20/20 eye sight suffer from visual dysfunctions that can impact reading and learning. Some of the behavioral symptoms we see in school age kids are the result of poor visual skills. In fact the check list for ADD and ADHD look very similar to the visual dysfunction checklist.

Majority of learning involves the use of vision. Imagine a child that cannot team his eyes together to see single and clear, how is he supposed to concentrate on his book. What about a kid that has amblyopia, one eye does not see as well as the other, how is he suppose to deal with competing images while he is trying to read. And what about the child that has trouble changing his focus from seeing distance to near, how is he supposed to copy from the board. A person after a car accident appears to be doing well, but he can't deal with the lighting and visual overload in a grocery store, this is a subtle but crippling dysfunction.

These visual dysfunctions can be improved through lenses and vision therapy. Our doctors and vision therapists routinely help patients with reading and learning difficulties, amblyopia, strabismus, traumatic brain injury, post stroke, visual strain, focusing and eye teaming problems, and special needs.

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