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Welcome to our office. We have been serving the greater Maricopa County area for 31 years. We are dedicated to helping our patients learn how to use their vision in a more meaningful way and be more successful in whatever they do. We see patients of all ages. We welcome families and dedicate a large part of our practice to vision care for children and infants.

Our office is a teaching office with an international reputation for excellence. We regularly host optometrists from around the globe for visitation and formal coursework. We are adjunct faculty at colleges of optometry and usually have one or more student doctors in attendance.

A large part of our practice is devoted to helping patients with the following conditions:

  "Before I came here I experienced migraines and struggled to read. At age 19, even the minor issues with vision were affecting life. I struggled as well with languages and basic school functions. I even had struggles with cursive writing. Soon after vision therapy the headaches have left me, and I have found joy in reading!" Learn more..

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"Megan has always been a good student. However we didnít realize how hard she was working to maintain her grades until we came to Family Optometry."Learn more..

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