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Amblyopia is often misnamed as "lazy eye". It is a condition in which one eye does not see as well as the other even though the eye is healthy. In most cases, the "good eye" does not function optimally either. People with amblyopia have essentially healthy eyes but the information coming from one or both eyes are not interpreted well by the brain. Since one eye can see fairly well, the child or parent may not be aware of the problem.

Patients with amblyopia often have trouble with depth perception, are clumsy and have poor sports performance. They cannot see 3D images. Reading can be frustrating for some of these patients, they can tire more easily and often loose their place when reading.

Treatment for patients with amblyopia is often delayed because parents think the child is doing fine, and there can be no obvious signs such as an eye turn. A comprehensive eye exam can often detect the problem immediately.



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